Is there a minimum age requirement to enter the Junior Camp Leader (JCL) camp program?

Yes.  In order to enter in the JCL camp program and become a Junior Camp Leader, you must be between the age of 10 - 17 years old.

Are there other events that my child can participate in if he/she is not in the JCL Program?

Yes, there are two other camps included in the Back to Basics Camps program:  Moody Gardens (for youth ages 7 - 11 years old); and City Cathedral Church (for youth ages 10 - 17).

Will my child need transportation to/from events?

No.  Transportation will be provided for all camp participants after arriving at the Home Base Camp location.  The Home Base Camp Location is:  Twelve Stones Ranch, 1 Hi Lo Lane, Conroe TX 77303.  This is also the location where you will need to pick up your child.  You will be notified of "Drop Off" and Pick Up" times.

How can I contact the Organizer with questions?

Click the "Contact Us" button above, or, email us at back2basicscamps1@yahoo.com.

What is the duration of this camp program?

It depends upon the camping event:  The JCL Camp Program is a 12-month program with a committment to attend 5 camps during the 12-month period; The Moody Gardens and City Cathedral Camps are 1-day camps.

Do I need to purchase camping equipment for my child?

All camping equipment except backpacks and sleeping bags are provided.

Can disabled children attend this event?

Yes.  You should contact us before registering to ensure we can provide proper accommodations for your child.

My child does not eat meat, do I need to send food?

No.  We will accommodate children who do not eat meat. 

My child has allergies, can he still attend?

Yes.  You will need to notify us of your child's specific allergies and provide his/her medication, if required.  Medication must be in original container with your child's name on it along with instructions to dispense.